More than products!

We manufacture LED displays according to you, not according to ourselves.

Simply, Haian is a LED display manufacturer. But deeply, what can Haian offer customers? A high-quality LED display? More than that.

There are two kinds of manufacturers in the world. The first kind manufactures LED displays according to what they have. The second kind manufactures LED displays according to what customer need. Haian is the latter. Therefore, the best value of the Haian is to help customers manufacturer LED displays as they wants.

You can define your product, this is what Haian can do for you. If you have special requirements on the LED displays, and you want every LED display you purchase to meet these requirements. Or if you have some experience that you have told the supplier your requirements while the supplier did not do as you said. Haian will be a great supplier for you.

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The problem is that why Haian can make it if competitors can't?

Haian's System

Haian’s system is the most important reason for Haian being special, and it can not be imitated by other companies. When customer’s requirements are added to Haian’s system, they will not be forgotten or ignored, so we never miss any requirement.

The excellence of the Haian system is that it is a whole. It may start with an email or a WhatsApp conversation from a customer, and then it will be automatically transmitted to the salesman, engineering department, purchasing department, production department and quality inspection department. As you can see, everything is automatic and the client’s needs are never missed.

In other companies, the system is non-existent, or the system is not a whole. It relies on somebody, not a system. If customer’s requirements are remembered by someone, it will be implemented; if it is not remembered, it will be missed.

This is the most obvious difference between Haian and other companies.

Haian's Ability

A simple fact is that when an LED display is installed outdoors and then exposed to the sun, the structure and heat dissipation of the LED cabinet will be the most important.

Of course, the brightness of LED modules is also important because it needs to clearly display when the sun is directly shining.

A good LED cabinet needs many metal knowledge and strong CAD drawing ability. Many suppliers and customers often ignore that heat dissipation is the most important performance for an outdoor LED display.

For example, many companies provide outdoor P10 LED displays and their heat dissipation is good. However, when they make the outdoor P2.5, due to technical limitations, the structure of the cabinet is changed, and the heat dissipation capacity also decreased. Haian’s logic is that our P10 has a great heat dissipation, and our P2.5 has a better heat dissipation, as the P2.5 generate more heat so it needs better capacity for heat dissipation.

Haian not only focus on what you can see, but also focus on what you can't see.

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