Hanging Installation

The hanging installation of the outdoor LED display is different from the hanging installation of the indoor LED display because it is windy outdoors. If a outdoor LED display uses ordinary hanging beams and hanging ropes, the wind will swing the LED display, not safe.

Therefore, Haian provides a rigid mechanical structure for the hanging installation of outdoor LED displays.

Outdoor High Definition

The outdoor high definition LED display greatly expands the scope of use of outdoor screens, allowing outdoor LED displays to be installed in somewhere very close to people.

High-definition technology has also enabled LED displays to produce more products, such as outdoor advertising players and video walls.

Haian provides the best pixel pitch 2mm, 2.5mm and 3.3mm, making outdoor HD possible. Also, they are all front serviceable.

Most of the current video sources are 2k. When an outdoor LED display plays these video sources, how to ensure that they are not distorted? The only way is that the LED display must be 16:9, and this is what Haian products can give you.

When the size of the LED display is 3840mm wide x 2160mm high, the resolution of the LED display is a perfect 1080P (1920×1080).

Guide Rail

An outdoor LED display usually needs to install lightning arrester and air switche.

Haian’s cabinets are supportive for this via a guide rail built into the cabinet.

Old Mounting Frame, New LED Display!

If you need to replace an old LED display, it is a good idea to keep the old mounting frame, because a mounting frame will cost time, labor and money.

Haian can design the mounting points according to the old frame, so the new cabinets are perfectly compatible with the old frame.

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